Ace Files Extractor For Mac OS X

   UnaceX extracts ACE files. It is a grafical interface wrapping the commandline tool MacUnace.

  • UnaceX extracts ACE files.
  • UnaceX supports extraction of encrypted ACE files.

UnaceX 1.2 :

  • Encrypted files support.

Easy ways to extract an ACE file :

Drag and drop ace file in main window and extraction starts automaticaly.
Drag and drop ACE file on application icon is permitted even if unaceX is not running.
Double-clic on the ACE file and unaceX automaticaly extracts the files.

UnaceX & Aqua life style :

Choose between aqua style and brushed metal style windows.
Choose opacity of windows.
Simple drag and drop to install or update unaceX.
Any installation of macunace commandline tool is required.

UnaceX Project :

Projet Summary
SourceForge UnaceX pages.

Find help or post your comment.

Report a bug
Report a bug.

Donation :

Users are free to give or not donation to unaceX developers.
nb : A percent of donations amount is given to Source Forge staff.

Requirement :

Mac OS 10.2 at least

License :


Releases history :

17 Apr. 2006 : UnaceX 1.2
    Encrypted files support.

25 May 2004 : UnaceX 1.1
    Multiple drag and drop implemented..
    Export with full path option added.
    UnaceX automatically quit after extraction.

29 Jan. 2004 : UnaceX 1.0
    Initial release.

Contact : Dilaroga@users.sourceforge.net

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